A quadrant shower enclosure gives a space-saving solution that makes the most of the layout of small bathrooms and adds a hint of modern design. They feature a curved front which helps create the impression of more space while the area inside the enclosure isn’t compromised.

With options including single or double hinged or sliding doors in a corner entry and a variety of sizes, a quadrant shower could be just what you need for your perfect bathroom.



For a recessed shower enclosure, all you need is a door. Perfect for when you have an alcove in your bathroom, it uses existing walls to create the shower rather than taking up extra space. Alternatively, if you really want that recessed look you can construct your own alcove to just the size you want.

Most doors come with adjustment so that you can get that perfect fit, be it a hinged, pivot, sliding or bi-fold door


Corner Shower Enclosure

An alternative to quadrant enclosures for the corner of your bathroom, these enclosures consist of a door and a side panel to make two glass sides, the two remaining sides being made up of the bathroom walls. If you want to move out from the corner of the room and have a three sided enclosure, simply add a second side panel and bracing bars. These come in much smaller sizes that quadrants, as small as 700mm x 700mm which makes them a good choice for smaller spaces.

Just like a recessed enclosure, these come in a range of sizes and thicknesses of glass and types of door.


Walk In

A walk in shower has no door, just a glass panel. This means you can move in and out of your shower enclosure easily without any restrictions while the airy glass screen enclosure making your entire bathroom feel larger. Plus, with no moving parts or doors, it makes them relatively maintenance free and easily accessible. If you are worried about water splashing onto your floor, you can also add a hinged bypass panel.

For a contemporary feel and a minimalist look, you can’t go far wrong with a walk-in shower.