What is Inclusive Design?

The official Definition: (British Standards Institute 2005)

`The design of mainstream products and/or services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible without the need for special adaptation or specialised design.’

This means that people of all ages including those who are well or have minor or major health conditions can share and enjoy the same facilities and spaces.  It is important to remember we are living in the 21stCentury – an age of equality and aspirational living.  Bathrooms are places to pamper, luxuriate and relax in and bathrooms ‘sell’ houses.  Renovating or replacing a bathroom is a major financial outlay, so in order to maximise the return on your investment it is vital to ensure your chosen bathroom will appeal to, and meet, not only your needs but also those of any future buyers.

The great news is that by using the principles of Inclusive Design, whether you are active and healthy or have minor or major health and / or mobility difficulties, we can enable you to have the beautiful bathroom of your dreams fully accessible and usable by you, your family and friends.

Total Bathrooms works collaboratively with partners to create amazing bathrooms for people who have specialist needs that look as fantastic and appealing as possible.  No utilitarian plastic white fittings allowed!

Our specialist partners are

  • Elaine Hollerhead of Designate; Interior designer and occupational therapist, let her make functional fabulous; and
  • 1st Choice Stairlifts; experts in providing stairlifts for even the most complex staircases;

We are currently the only bathroom store in the South West of England to offer this unique service.  Please click on the logos below to find out more about our partners.



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