Is there anything more annoying than sitting down on a loose toilet seat that shifts from side to side? Well yes I guess there is…but it is still very annoying! And, although it shifts from side to side, a lot of people will leave it like this for a while before fixing it. Ultimately if you leave it too long the seat will break and you will be forced to replace it with a new one!

Almost all toilet seats will come with the manufacturer’s instructions on fitting and when the seat becomes loose you can simply follow these over again to maintain a comfortable rigid seat. Retightening is required over time on most seats and this process will make them last much longer. However, many people will not still have these instructions after a long period of time has passed.

Fortunately, we have sourced a couple of useful guides to help you fit or tighten a toilet seat so you can enjoy sitting comfortably when you next visit the bathroom. This diagram shows a common fixing set up for toilet seats.

Many seats have fixings that are a variation of the above diagram and retightening the hinges requires you to either:

  1. Tighten the
    a. wingnut underneath with a spanner or pliers in the case of a bottom fix toilet seat
    b. fixing bolt with a screwdriver or allen key in the case of a top fix toilet seat
  2. Tighten the base plate bolt that holds the base plate to the seat or
  3. Tighten both 1 and 2 by refitting the seat entirely.

We have also found this WikiHow article and two YouTube videos (Video1; Video2) to give you a helping hand.